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Nippy Bus has teamed up with South West Smart Applications Ltd and sQuid, the eMoney payments network to introduce the very latest in smart card technology to offer speedy cashless ticketing to make life easier.

No scrabbling for change, faster boarding and with sQuid’s auto top up function you’ll never run out of funds and will always get home.

We will be introducing our love the bus contactless smart card system from Monday 29 February 2016.

From this date, access to some of our fares will be restricted to sQuid cards only.

  • Wessex, Scout and Gazelle tickets – Cash or sQuid card
  • Sea King – sQuid card only, provided the corresponding Scout or Wessex ticket has been purchased with sQuid.
  • Puma – sQuid card only.
  • Lynx – sQuid card only.

sQuid cards will be available for purchase from your driver at a cost of £3.00 from mid-February. All you then need to do is register your card at Top it up with funds and then you’re good to go.


Why is Nippy Bus introducing SMART Ticketing?

The majority of our tickets issued are already through contactless Smart cards. i.e ENCTS ( Concessionary fares) cards and Somerset County Council student county tickets.

Both local and national government are keen to see the adoption of SMART ticketing applications by the transport sector similar to the ‘Oyster’ scheme in London.

Cash handling is expensive, is not secure and contributes to delays whilst both passenger and driver are hunting for change. As our roads become more congested, we have to maximise the time available in keeping our services running efficiently to published timetables.

Who is sQuid?

sQuid are the industry leading provider of contactless payment systems. They have a significant presence in schools and colleges providing contactless payment options in canteens.

In simple terms, what is a ’Love the bus’ sQuid card?

Your ‘love the bus’ card is a stored value contactless payment card. Once you have registered a sQuid account on-line you can charge your card with cash, using a number of different methods. You then use this stored value to pay for your bus ticket by simply swiping over the contactless card reader on the bus. Your cost of travel will be deducted from your card balance.

How much does a card cost and where do I get one?

The card costs £3.00 and will be available from your bus driver from the middle of February 2016 as they become available. A comprehensive guide to opening a sQuid account and using your card is included. You can also download a copy of the guide from ‘love the bus user guide’

What if I lose my card?

You will need to notify sQuid immediately who will then electronically block any stored value on the card. This will take up to 48 hours but in practice will in most instances be immediate. Once blocked, you will then be able to transfer any stored value remaining on to a newly purchased card.

What if my card does not work?

There is no reason why your card will not work if it is undamaged and has sufficient stored value for the purchase of your ticket. However, you need to understand that your driver has no way of knowing why your card is declined and you will need to purchase a non sQuid ticket to complete your journey. A help line number is on the reverse of every card to deal with any such issues.

Is the card transferrable?

Yes. Your ‘love the bus’ card is just stored cash and can be used by whom you choose. For example, Dad may be using the card for travel to work Monday to Friday and allows his daughter to use it for a shopping trip on Saturday.

I only use the bus infrequently and do not want to sign up to sQuid?

You will still be able to use cash. However, you will be unable to purchase our more cost effective tickets aimed at regular users.

Can I top up my card on the bus?

No. You can only add funds to your card through your sQuid account. Please note that top ups made to your card through your sQuid account are not instant and will not appear on your available card credit until the next working day.

Can I use my card on other operators services?

Yes. Your card can be used with any operator that takes sQuid.